Sound and Other Bedroom Sleep Sappers

Article by Thsleeping fame Guide to Healthy Living
A good night of sleep becomes increasingly elusive as we age, and it’s because of factors that can seem out of our control. Late night work on the street or someone driving by with a loud muffler can wake you if even only for a moment. Heat is another factor, where your body fails to equalize its temperature with the ambient feel of the room. These sleep sappers will gradually drag you down if you let them.


Curtains can help dampen both light and sound if they are thick enough. Curtains are very easy to install too. An alternative is a white noise machine, or an application on your phone or tablet. These programs play a static sound that is designed to block out noise from elsewhere in the home. Even in the quietest neighborhoods, white noise can be a huge benefit for light sleepers.


If you plan to buy a bed in a bag to help keep you warm, be sure you pay close attention to the fabrics used. No matter how thick the bedding may seem, quilts and sheets made of linen won’t help insulate you much. Higher thread counts also don’t necessarily mean warmer bedding. Cotton is probably your best bet, with a thread count between 300-400.

Comfort Levels

Never underestimate the power of adding bed sheets to your bed for warmth. Comforters can often add too much warmth, which throws your body temperature out of whack. With light sheets, you can add incremental warmth to your bed and get exactly the right temperature you need for a deep sleep.