Can Your Mattress Affect Your Respiratory System?

Written by: Foam Factory, Inc.

You may have heard that your mattress can have an effect on how you breathe, and this is true to an extent. Sometimes, usually to save on manufacturing costs, polyurethane foam sheets are treated with chemicals that can be harmful if inhaled for prolonged periods of time. Flame retardant chemicals are standard on most mattresses, but some chemicals used are more toxic than others.

Chemicals in the mattress aren’t the only problems either. Read on for advice on how to turn your bedroom into a sanctuary, where you can breathe and sleep with ease.

A Quick Tip

If you sleep on polyurethane foam sheets, you know how warm they can get on a particularly hot night. That warmth traps moisture from your body, which sweats on average about 8 ounces every night. If you make your bed in the morning when you get up, you may be unwittingly creating the perfect breeding ground for dust mites and bed bugs. They feast on the dead skin cells and sweat we shed every night.

If you want to avoid this bacterial bonanza, then the solution is simple: simply do the opposite of what your mom told you to do and unmake that bed! If you keep your bed unmade throughout the day, and if you leave your bedroom windows open, air dries out the mattress and kills all the bacteria.

Is All Foam Bad?

Actually, no. All foam is not bad, but you do have to search for natural or organic latex foam if you want to stay healthy. Polyurethane foam from Canada that is made of natural latex will provide the same wear and tear as a cheaper grade of foam, but it helps you breathe easier. This is especially important for young children. They inhale fewer chemicals than adults, but the damage can be worse to their developing respiratory systems.

In addition to the foam sheets, look for organic bedding. Organic wool is great for cold winter nights, and it doesn’t require any chemicals as flame retardants because it’s a naturally resistant material. Organic cotton is another great option. Manufacturers find it to be less flame resistant than wool, so they wrap this kind of cotton in a wool sheet.

Other Options

The futon is a great piece of furniture, and one you can use to stay healthy all year long. If you live in an apartment, you’re in luck! You can pull the mattress from the frame and hang it on your deck when you leave in the morning. Upon return, you’ll find a dry place to sleep.