How Developing a Structure Within Your Household Can Change Your Defiant Teen’s Attitude

Summary: Through a series of structural implementations, you can significantly impact the negativity that’s plaguing your household.

A rebellious teenager is something that’s often seen in American households. Once a child reaches a certain age, he or she begins to explore the surroundings – and often get themselves involved with the wrong crowd. This can led to numerous difficulties that can tie into your everyday family life. If you’re experiencing a need to send your child to a juvenile boot camp for example, know that you can make several changes in your home to help him or her find peace within.

The Implementation of Expectations and Consequences

Most teenagers will reject the idea of any type of structure that you try to build. Similar to the way that a boarding school for troubled boys functions, begin setting up a new structure for your child. Start by doing something that can be successfully accomplished by your child. For instance, give them a time they need to be ready for school. If they’re late, they won’t have a ride and will be forced to use the bus. Once these rules are followed consistently, add another expectation, and slowly build from there.

Consistency Starts With You

As much as they don’t want to admit it, children will look to their parents for guidance and support, even if they don’t mutter a word. This is why you need to set the bar for consistency. If you expect your child to rehabilitate in an environment where you can’t even wake up on time for work, what do you expect him or her to do? As frustrating as it is to deal with a defiant child, always set the bar high for yourself. Take care of your responsibilities on time and consistently and showcase this to your child. Combine this with the aforementioned structure above, and you’ll have a unique system that acts as therapeutic reinforcement for both you and your child.

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