Finding the Best Dental Malpractice Lawyer

Blog submitted by Dane Levy, Attorney of, a provider of legal services for those injured by dental malpractice in California.

Have you been injured by the actions of a negligent dentist? The law allows you to seek compensation for the damages you have suffered by filing a dental malpractice lawsuit. Victims of dental malpractice have won hundreds of thousands of dollars after winning dental malpractice lawsuits. Since large sums of money are at stake, you’ll need a good dental malpractice lawyer to help you win your case.

Most dental malpractice lawyers are specialists because of the unique needs of their clients. To win a dental malpractice case, you must prove that your dentist violated the accepted standard of care in the dental community and that their violation directly caused your injuries. Standard of care refers to what most trained dental professionals would do in a given situation. Even if you were injured during a procedure, a dentist is not guilty of dental malpractice if they followed the standard of care.

To prove that a dentist violated the standard of care, a lawyer must understand the field of dentistry and how dental procedures work. A general law practitioner may not understand the subtle nuances of the dental profession that affect delicate dental procedures that appear routine. Because of this, it is preferable to choose a lawyer with a background or connections related to dentistry.

Attorney Dane Levy studied dentistry at the USC School of Dentistry before entering a career in law. He also has a degree in Biological Sciences from the University of California, Irvine. Clients have attested to his robust knowledge of the law and dentistry. If you need a dental malpractice attorney in Los Angeles, contact the Levy Law Firm today!