How to Navigate Lingering Depression from the Pandemic

It’s normal for people to sometimes feel sad about things in life. So how can you know when this has become a problem and you may need help with it? According to experts at the Global Spiritualist Association, an individual should realize that feeling sad for more than three days a week can be a problem.

If you have feelings of despair and hopelessness, then seek help right away. Don’t allow this to become a major issue. Discuss your feelings with family and friends. You may need to seek out professional help.  At the Global Spiritualist Association, we believe that millions of people around the world may still have lingering problems with depression, anxiety and despair.

Some people are unsure about the future. What if we are still dealing with Covid19 several years from now? Though vaccines have been successful at stopping the spread, only about 40% of the world’s population is vaccinated. In addition, there is now a Delta strain of the coronavirus that is more powerful than the original.

The Global Spiritualist Association is developing a wide array of resources to help those struggling with depression. We understand your feelings and want to encourage you to get help. You are not alone. We’re there and we care.

TGSA helps serve the vision of Teacher Xinyue:

“To link with spiritual energy comprehensively, to create health, happiness, and super achievements, to share this energy with everyone, to help one billion people resonate and connect with spiritual power, and to achieve all beauty, abundance and joy in life.”