Juice Feasting – Do You Need It?

Are you facing numerous health challenges and feel that modern medicine is not helping you? If you are experiencing conditions such bloating, sore throat, acne, high blood pressure, anxiety and many other health problems, this might be as a result of toxins accumulated in your system. If you have tried all kinds of modern supplements which claim to give the body a thorough cleansing from toxins and seen no results, trying more natural methods might work for you.

It seems evident, according to numerous health studies that most of the modern medicines only treat the problems temporarily but do not in any way treat the underlying causes of these health issues. However, juice feasting has been known to eradicate the problems and symptoms in just three weeks.

What Is Juice Feasting?

According to the inventor of Juice Feasting David Rainoshek, juice feasting is all about taking fresh vegetables and fruit juices for only 92 days. This is a great way of cleansing the body of any toxins that might have accumulated. This nutrition program is usually more of a “Feast” and not “Fast” as many might think.

It is known as such because when taking the fruits and vegetables you will still effectively function in your daily activities since you are meeting all your calorie needs and at the same time cleanse your body on a cellular level and rehydrate, rebuild and alkalize.

How Did It Become Popular?

Juice Feasting was first discovered by David Rainoshek who was inspired by his own unstable health which had been plaguing him for about 12 years. He had already tried numerous modern medicine for years without any positive results until he decided to try the fruit and vegetable diet for 92 –days. In three weeks he already experienced considerable improvement. He began to share his knowledge of this effective way of healing the body from toxins. To date, Juice feasting is still popular and more and more people are embracing this nutrition program.


The Rules

To effectively work, you have to drink the juice of a single head of celery and around 2lbs (1kg) of green vegetables every single day.

Note that celery is one of the most hydrating foods for the body and it is actually 4 times as hydrating as normal water. However, you can still use the fruits and vegetables of your choice as long as they are fresh and raw. Remember to take at least 4 litres per day.


Why The Juice Feast

According to health experts consuming liquids makes it easier for them to be absorbed directly into the body. This gives the body a great rest because a lot of energy is consumed when the body breaks down solid food substances before they are absorbed in the body.

The energy saved can be used to clean out old toxins that have accumulated in the body over the years. When the toxins are released, the body is given ample time to rejuvenate itself and restore health.

It seems to also help in weight reduction and restores healthy-looking skin.

Why The 92 days?

According to David, the creator of this nutrition program, 92 days are needed for the body to completely cleanse, rehydrate, rebuild and alkalize. This 92-day program takes a person into the highest levels of cleansing that is usually not achievable with the shorter fasts.

The Cons

– It is not for everybody. People with diabetes should consult there doctor as the high sugar in the fruits can affect blood sugar levels

– It could lead to a high buildup of potassium and minerals which could harm people with kidney disease

– Juicing takes out some of the fiber, therefore juicing is not as filling as eating whole fruits and vegetables

– It is important not to go on longer than 92 days as your body could start using muscle tissue instead of your body fat.

– Some people may experience side effects such as fatigue, nausea, constipation, dizziness, and irritability

The Pros

– It cleanses the body of all toxins

– Clear and glowing skin

– Pain-Free and hydrated joints

– Flexible muscles and tendons

– Clean and healthy bowels and intestines

– It is very effective in ridding the body of toxins in a short time.

– Better sleep as a result of better health

– Improved sleep patterns

– Better breathe

Buying The Product

You can buy the program for only $139 and it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

After purchasing the 92-day juice feasting program, you will also get a juice feasting preparation course and a juice feasting green room

The Final Verdict

It is a true “cleansing sweet spot” and very effective when it comes to cleansing, rebuilding, rehydrating and alkalizing the body. With many people fighting weight loss and being obese, this program can also be helpful in kick-starting their weight loss program.

However, the program also requires a little discipline, since taking only fruits and vegetables for about 92 days. This is why a lot of dedication is required from the user for it to effectively work. However, since it is not as difficult as some other methods such as fasting and meal replacement diets, many people have said they are able to complete it. It actually seems to be one of the best body cleansing programs in the market.