Simple Tips to Keep Your Contacts Clean

Maintenance for your contact lenses is a bit more involved than standard eyeglasses or even LASIK, after the healing process is done. If you rely on contact lenses for strong vision you can follow some easy steps to make keeping them clean as unambiguous as possible.

Forming a Strategic Routine

Contact lenses, from bausch and lomb contact lenses to cosmetic lenses you might find on a movie set, are relatively fragile. Lenses come in contact with the surface of your eye, which means that any material that comes in contact with the lens may ultimately end up entering your body. Using hairspray before you put contacts on and applying face creams afterwards can prevent particles from getting coated onto the lenses.

Replace Your Contact Lens Case

Your contact lens case could be the source of numerous germs that you want to avoid. Fresh lenses from can quickly become dirty if you are using an old and dirty lens case. As a general rule of thumb, you should use your contact lens case for no longer than a few months. The plastic can get dirty and hard to fully clean, even if the inside does not look too contaminated. Layers of germs and tiny particles can start to form, which can ultimately spread onto your lenses when you try to sterilize them. Clean the case after every use to help combat this.

Additionally, avoid holding onto lens cases that are either cracked or damaged. The plastic, if kept in a warm environment for too long, can ultimately begin to melt and break down.

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