The Truth about Kratom and its Effects on You

Is Kratom some breakthrough miracle supplement? Is it addictive and dangerous? These are the important questions users are asking before they take this new supplement. Tests have been run and there is a lot of conflicting information flying around the internet. This article looks at what we know to be true about Kratom, and why entrepreneurs want to fight hard for universal access to it.

Kratom Helps Energy

All across the US, people suffer from low energy and constant fatigue. Stress and a general lack of sleep piled up over time lead to what can feel like a lifetime of problems related to energy. Kratom is a safe and effective way to boost energy, particularly when taken with tea or even chocolate milk. Kratom improves blood circulation and helps to oxygenate the body.

Kratom is Safe

Like any drug or supplement, kratom has a recommended dosage for very specific reasons. A low dose of kratom is common and induces a slight euphoric effect used to treat pain. It’s often viewed as safer than taking opiates.

Kratom is typically distributed as either a gel capsule or a powder substance, and directions are given with every purchase. It has potential to disrupte the illegal drug markets if utilized properly.

Currently, the substance is highly regulated and access is not widespread. There are many misconceptions about Kratom thanks to blatant abuse or just plain false science. It’s not quite a miracle drug, but it does offer an alternative for many who are hooked up opiates and looking for a safe alternative to manage pain.