4 Easy ways to burn more calories in your yoga class

Although everyone will have different goals when practicing yoga, from improving flexibility and strength, most will want to burn calories to help attain their weight loss goals. Here are four easy ways to burn more calories in your yoga class.

Try a power class – There is a long list of yoga classes that cater to everyone’s needs. If you are looking to torch calories, look at a power yoga class that is fast paced and one that uses weights and strength training to burn calories.

Practice first thing in the morning – According to the research done by the Research Centre for Exercise and Health in Belgium, exercise done before breakfast will boost your metabolism and set you off in the right direction for the rest of the day.

Slow down to burn more – If you love your current yoga class and don’t want a change, look at slowing down your moves for a serious calorie burn. For example, look at using your entire exhale breath to complete a Chaturanga before inhaling to upward facing dog. Slowing down your movements will make you work harder, giving you a greater calorie burn.

Concentrate – Focusing on the present and keeping your mind still during your yoga session will help you focus on your form, making you perform every pose correctly. When your form is on point, the chances are that you will burn more calories and reduce injury.