6 Unexpected ways to add cardio to your routine

Exercise is known to improve the quality of your life, help you deal with stress and elevate your mood. Adding cardio to your day can be easy as adding 10-minute sessions three times a day or allotting 30 minutes for your cardio routine. Here are six unexpected ways to add cardio to your routine.

Take the stairs – Take the stairs instead of taking the lift. Choose to take the stairs one step at a time as this will burn more over the entire flight of stairs. If you tend to get out of breath, don’t worry, this is perfectly normal.

Walk and talk – Instead of having a discussion about work indoors, ask a coworker if he or she is willing to stroll around the block. A short 15-minute stroll will burn 66 calories compared to sitting at a meeting which will burn just 28.

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Stand up – Stand up and walk to your coworkers instead of picking up the phone and calling them. For a higher calorie burn request for a standing desk.

Hydrate – When you drink more water, you will not only be hydrated, you will also have to visit the bathroom more often.

Dancing – On weekends choose to hit the dance floor instead of sitting on the sidelines and drinking cocktails. A short 30-minute session will burn 150 calories.

Have an active date – If you are heading out on a date, choose one that is active like a spin or a Pilates class. Follow up with a healthy smoothie, and you have burnt at least 700 calories.