Create Abundance within Your Own Life

Article by Zhang Xinyue

Abundance can be seen in nature by viewing thick forests, clean rivers, tall majestic mountains and the animal life. But how do we create abundance within ourselves? You may think of material possessions when you visualize abundance, but is that truly what it means?

Many philosophers say that abundance begins in the human heart and soul. We must cultivate that in ourselves just as we would cultivate a crop of potatoes, beans or corn. An abundance mentality craves personal growth and learning. The mindset is about taking on the world as if you’re a child learning everything for the first time. That attitude of openness and enthusiasm is priceless. You must also be willing to override existing preconceptions regardless of how learned and experienced you may be.

As we realize our full potential as human beings, we become like magnets that attract knowledge. We forget about material possessions and seek to learn age-old truths that have shaped our world.

If there’s one thing wrong with our modern-day life, it’s this! We are too caught up in owning things and having the best cars and houses. We need to stop all our striving and simply find out who we are underneath it all. Then begin to perfect that person. This is true abundance. We can create abundance in our own lives simply by taking time each day to meditate and focus on who you are now and who you’d like to become.

This journey will be challenging but it’s worth it if you can get a better grasp of who you really are and begin to work on yourself.

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