Five simple exercises that show results after one workout

Article by Blythe Flake

Everyone knows that building muscle takes months of dedication. However, there are a few simple moves that can give instant definition, by bloating your muscles in a good way. Make sure you get in 3-5 sets of 8-12 reps for maximum impact.

Kettlebell swings – This high intensity, full body workout will work you butt, back and hamstrings. It will also work your lower and upper abs, while engaging your arms. Your kettlebell should be heavy enough to make it a good workout and light enough so you maintain proper form.

Deadlifts – This is a booty workout that will make your glutes look and feel firmer. You may also feel that your butt looks larger, rounder and sits higher than before. You should do this workout with a lighter set of barbells before you increase the weight.

Resistance band bicep curls – This is a great way to work your biceps, because the bands provide continuous tension in the muscle. The longer you tense the muscle the more the pump.

Assisted chin ups – This exercise will improve the definition in your arms, shoulders and back. Start by facing a chin up machine and wrap a band around the chin up bar. Make sure you squeeze your back and core to help you pull yourself up.

Sumo squat – This will fire up your butt and inner thighs. Make sure your feet are turned out at 45 degrees, to get the most out of this move.