One Surprising Benefit of Assisted Living

Blog provided by Glen Terra Senior Assisted Living

The concept of assisted living tends to carry a significant amount of stigma. When some people hear the phrase “assisted living,” they may picture a stuffy, overcrowded nursing home where seniors are watched intently 24/7. However, assisted living facilities have evolved significantly to offer their residents more benefits and a more comfortable way of life. One of these surprising benefits is a good amount of independence.

Although some senior housing are dedicated to residents with more pressing health needs, many modern assisted living facilities allow seniors to move freely through the facility and lead vibrant, fulfilled social lives. Facilities even allow their senior residents to stay in spacious studio-style apartments where they can cook and store their own food and drinks.

Far from being restrictive and stifling, assisted living residents have access to many enjoyable and relaxing activities that keep post-retirement life interesting. For example, seniors can enjoy salon services, game and movie nights, book clubs, health and fitness routines, and communal meals.

Even with all of this, the best assisted living facilities have caring staff who are available at all hours to assist with hygiene, activities of daily living, medication, and health emergencies. With this in mind, you might look at assisted living in a new light as you consider the best housing options for yourself or your senior loved ones.


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