Tips on what to pack, when travelling for a race.

If you’re planning on travelling for a race, you should know that you will need to pack all your race day essentials and not forget anything.  Remember, that it is vital that you pack your race day essentials in your carry-on luggage, because there may be a chance you could lose your checked luggage. Here is a list of items you should pack if you’re travelling for a race.

Comfortable walking shoes – Apart from your race shoes, you will need to pack or wear comfortable walking shoes, so that your feet are not tired before the race.

Compression socks – Compression socks will ensure that your legs and feet recover fast after a race. It is best to wear them within 48 hours of completing a race.

An empty water bottle – You should stay hydrated before, during and after a race. Therefore, bring an empty water bottle that you can fill on board.

Feed for your race – If you eat a specific protein bar, a snack or a gel, it is best to carry these as you may not find them internationally or in a remote location.

Gear for all weather possibilities – Be prepared for rain and pack a portable raincoat.

Eye mask and ear plugs – It is best to pack your eye mask and ear plugs, as this mean that you can get good rest on board and in your hotel room.

Bio: Dev Randhawa blogs about health as an aspiring medschool student seeking entry into the pediatric medical field.