4 Simple Ways to Reset Your Diet After a Holiday

It is easy to forget your diet and fitness goals when you are on holiday and on vacation mode. However, often people take weeks to get back to their normal diet routine even once they have returned home. Here are some tips to help you reset your diet after a holiday.

Eat every 3 to 5 hours – Start your day with breakfast and look at keeping your insulin levels steady from the time you wake up. Look at preparing your weekly meals on weekends so that you always have ready to eat meals when you are hungry.

Commit to H2O – When you are thirsty or hungry, have a glass of water instead of reaching for sodas, caffeinated beverages or food. Water will naturally reduce your appetite and increase your metabolism to help you reduce fluid retention that is due to overindulging.

Cut back, but don’t omit carbs – Carbs are necessary to keep your energy levels up and to help you manage your cravings. Look at reducing your carbs and adding carbs with fiber and more nutrients, like wholegrain rice, bread, and pasta.

Stock up on dark chocolate – Dark chocolate will help you enjoy a sugary snack without the added calories. The richness of dark chocolate also means that you will need less to satisfy your sugar cravings. Knowing that you can enjoy a treat will also help you take the edge off after each meal.