4 Small Shifts That Will Help Change Your Body

If you are looking at changing your body in a three-week period here are some simple tips that will help you get on track and lose weight faster.

Tune onto each movement – Always focus on each rep and control your muscles to make the most out of every rep. Even if you are doing intervals, understand which muscle needs to be working and make sure you concentrate on it.

Be patient – Try to avoid progressing too fast which can cause unwanted injuries. Make sure you increase weight slowly and progress with advanced moves once you feel your body is ready. Look at increasing weight by five pounds at a time.

Breath – Remember to exhale during the hardest part of the exercise and inhale during the easiest part. Breathing this way will help you get through tougher workouts and keep you going strong. Breathing during cardio is also very important. Train yourself to breathe through your nose during the majority of a cardio workout. Breathing this way will build your lung capacity and help you get fitter faster.

Pause from social media – If social media is not inspiring you and becoming toxic, it can be time to give it up. A sign that social media is not for you is when you feel self-conscious, or you feel that your progress is not good enough. Look at knocking off alerts or just deactivate your account until you’re ready.