4 Ways fit people injure themselves at the gym

Workout mistakes can cause injuries that can leave people not able to workout for months. Most people may think that only unfit people hurt themselves at gyms, but this is not the case and most often fit people can make mistakes that leave them injured for months. Here are some common mistakes fit people make.

They don’t bother to warm up – Fit people who want to maximize their time at the gym; will skip the 10-minute warm up. This is not a good idea, as most people will visit the gym in the morning or after work and both these time will have tight muscles from sleeping or sitting for hours.

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They work themselves too hard – Trying to max out your workout, will see you placing more weight or reps to your already tough workout. Instead, wait till your workout seems easy to up your weight or reps.

They let their form break – Form is very important as the proper form will assist your body to do your workout without putting unnecessary strain on your joints and muscles. To improve your form, reduce your weight and reps till you have proper practice and can hold your form throughout your sets.

They push past the pain – Soreness is often felt after a new workout, however, soreness that lasts for more than 2 days and those that are worse on one leg or arm than another, can mean an injury. The point to note is that working through pain, can cause injury and not make you stronger.