5 Ways to add exercise to your daily routine

Article by Herb Kimble

Getting daily exercise can be a great way to reach your fitness goals in a shorter period and reduce workday stresses. Here are five ways to add exercise to your daily routine.

A morning walk – Go for a brisk walk outdoors first thing in the morning before you check your emails, shower, or get on to other morning activities. Just fifteen minutes will speed up your metabolism and can be a refreshing start to your day.

Make the most of your lunch break – Speak to your boss and ask him/her if you can extend your lunch break to clock in some gym time or an after lunch walk. A 30-minute session will increase your energy levels for the rest of the day.

Bike to nearby errands – Look at cycling anywhere that is less than two miles from your home. Quick bursts of exercise can help you burn more calories during the day and help with managing your weight.

Do stretches and exercises in your office – Adding simple exercises during your office breaks will help to get your blood flowing and reduce work stress.

Take a class right after work – Instead of ending a busy day with a busy commute, look at including a group fitness class after work. Consider classes that focus on yoga, kickboxing or circuit training, to give your mind and body a break from a busy workday.