Companion or Guardian? Which Pitbull Should You Choose

Written by: Iron King Kennels

Whether you want a guard dog or a family pet, pitbulls make for great companions.

Pitbull breeders have a variety of breeds they advertise online, each promising a unique color or particular temperament. Pitbulls make for great guard dogs, but not all breeds are created equal. Learning which breed will offer protection, and which is best for a family full of kids, is the first step in deciding which pitbull breed is right for you.

Companion Breeds

Blue pit bull puppies are raised to be highly social animals. Prized for their looks, blue nosed pits are well known for being gentle with kids. They are fiercely loyal, but they tend to crave socialization. That makes them great companions, but awful guardians. They do have the look of a pitbull: strong, fierce and intimidating, but they are push overs at heart. Can they be trained to guard a property? Yes, but there are other variations more suited to the task.

Red nose pitbull breeders don’t breed their dogs for power, they are bred for looks. They retain the muscle of the American pit bull, because it’s their stock, but they are prized for their purebred aesthetics.


If you want a guard dog, you’ll want to look into the “bully” pit bull. Also referred to as an “XL” or “XXL” pit, these dogs have a friendly demeanor but they are all business when guarding they yard. They are far more muscular than their red or blue counterparts, and they are known for their courage and loyalty.

Like all pits, though, the bully is a pack dog. It will require an owner who will remain active, firm, calm and consistent.