Dental Care Checklist for Teenagers

Article written by Elite Dental Group.

Today’s teenagers are very active and involved in everything from sports to the school play. They’re seemingly on the go constantly, which means it may be challenging for parents to get them to take care of their teeth. Though you may have taught your kids well as they were growing up, you can’t follow them around all the time, reminding them to brush. But you can let them know that they’ll have fewer future visits to the dentists if they will observe a few basic tips.

See the Dentist

Try to keep your teens on a good schedule of seeing the dentist twice each year. Teenagers eat everything from hot dogs and hamburgers to ice cream. Your dentist will be the first to notice if a cavity starts to form. Regular cleanings will prevent plague buildup too. Tooth whitening in Glendale can be helpful.

Flossing and Brushing

Encourage teens to brush at least twice daily and especially after eating foods like brownies, shakes, candy, and junk foods. These types of foods will adhere to tooth surfaces and begin causing problems right away. Talk to your kids about the importance of flossing too. Regular flossing will prevent plague and remove food particles from between teeth.

Make Good Lifestyle Choices

Teens often want to earn the approval of their peers by entering into bad habits like smoking and drinking. Be sure that your teens understand the very negative and harmful consequences of drinking, smoking or doing drugs. Sometimes we think our kids should know this stuff, but as good parents, it’s our job to make sure they hear it from us.

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