Different types of Asian massage therapy

By Garden Retreat Spa

Asian Massage is based on oriental techniques that are touch based. Most Asian massage in NYC are done clothed and are considered a popular massage technique by most Americans. Here is a list of popular Asian Massage techniques.

Acupressure Massage – Acupressure massage uses pressure at different points in the body, to relieve pressure and improve balance. It is best for people who want to heal injuries and increase circulation.

Amma – Amma is a traditional Japanese massage technique, which concentrates on using deep-tissue massage techniques. These techniques focus on the muscles and the ligaments in the body.

Ayurveda Massage – Ayurveda massage is a traditional technique that uses some local therapies to promote healing. The technique concentrates on sensitive zones that are similar to acupressure points. Ayurveda massage treatments also use herbs, aromas, and yoga practices.

Shiatsu – Many Asian massage Manhattan parlors offer Shiatsu massages. Shiatsu massages concentrate on pressure points to order to relieve

Thai Massage – Thai massages are mostly performed fully clothed and take the form of different yoga-like poses, which help to improve breathing and release tension.

Before choosing an Asian Massage, it is best to speak to your therapist and let them know what type(s) of benefits you are after. Most often your therapist will be able to suggest a massage technique followed by lifestyle changes that will help you reach your goal.


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