Eight benefits of Shiatsu massages

Shiatsu is an oriental asian massage that is based on years of medical history. Most therapist will provide a holistic session that improves your physical, emotional and spiritual energetic levels of your body. Shiatsu massages are popular in New York asian massage spas and in  Asian massage Manhattan spas. Most sessions will include putting pressure on energy channels without the use of needles. Here are 8 benefits of a Shiatsu massage.

Improves to relieve muscular tension and pain.

Promotes to improve your mind-body connection, promoting your psychological and physical well-being.

Enhances balance and improves muscle tone and flexibility,

Strengthens your body’s immune system, which will assist in self healing of your body and mind.

Helps to relieve stress and stress related issues such as insomnia, headaches and acne.

Increases the flow of blood in the body, which assists to transport nutrients and minerals to vital organs.

Promotes the flow of lymph in the body. This fluid contains white blood cells, which help your body fight disease and get rid of toxins.

Assists to bring about a sense of calmness to your general life.

Most therapist will ask you to dress in loose fitting clothings before performing the treatment. The Therapist will ask you a number of questions, to understand and draw up a case study to determine the best treatment for you. They will then examine your tongue and take your pulse to prepare you for your treatment.