Four Gentle and Effective Ways to Remove Facial Hair

Removing any body hair is one the least pleasant activities. However, it does not have to be this way if you choose the right method of hair removal.

If you want to remove your facial hair, these are the methods to consider according to Danie’s Beauty Salon:


You can use either soft or hard waxing techniques. For soft waxing, you will use cloth strips to remove the hair from your skin. The wax hardens and thus you can remove it on its own.

Despite its popularity, it is not a procedure for everyone. It can cause skin irritation making you feel uncomfortable.

Also, be sure your stylist has the skills and expertise in waxing. Choose your salon for a body wax in glendale, CA after reading reviews online.


It is a conventional technique in Asian countries. It involves the use of thin; double cotton threads that are rolled over the spots where you want to remove facial hair, effectively pulling them out.

Threading is quite trickier to try on your own. Visit a salon with a stylist who specializes in the technique for better results.

Laser Hair Removal

If you want permanent results, try laser hair removal.

The laser directs a specific wavelength of light to your skin. The hair follicles absorb this light, convert it to heat that kills these follicles.

With this technique, you will be treating a larger area at a time.


Concentrates heat to destroy each hair follicle preventing any further growth of hair. It is an ideal method for people with fuzzy or light hair as they can’t do laser removal.