How Outdoor Foam Cushions Protect You from Allergies

Are you using the same type of foam cushions for your indoor and outdoor furniture? There are a few reasons why this might result in health problems for homeowners with potent allergies.

Indoor furniture cushions are not designed to deal with the unique challenges of weather conditions. Outdoor furniture is often exposed to moisture and intense UV rays. Overexposure to moisture provides a fertile breeding ground for allergenic microorganisms such as mold and mildew. Inhaling these fungi can cause allergic reactions ranging from sneezing and nasal congestion to asthma attacks. If you have a bad case of asthma, your priority should be eliminating exposure to fungi at all costs.

Foam cushion products marketed as outdoor furniture cushions are made from different materials from standard indoor furniture cushions. Their construction allows them to resist moisture, sun rays, and the growth of microorganisms. For example, the outdoor furniture cushions manufactured by The Foam Factory are made from Dryfast Foam. This patented material has a large, open-cell structure that dries even after being soaked. Furthermore, Dryfast Foam’s manufacturers use an anti-microbial formula that inhibits the growth of microorganisms like mold and mildew.

In addition to using outdoor furniture cushions, homeowners should also invest in outdoor furniture that is designed to resist adverse weather conditions. Indoor furniture is often constructed from sensitive materials such as wood, which is prone to soaking up moisture and allowing allergenic microorganisms to grow. Many manufacturers construct outdoor furniture from more suitable materials such as synthetic resin or plastic. You can even find synthetic wicker furniture for outdoor use if you enjoy elegant furniture styles.

If you prefer the appearance of indoor furniture, you can also waterproof your indoor furniture for outdoor use. Give your furniture a protective coating using polyurethane spray or wood stain. You can also use a natural oil with waterproofing properties such as linseed oil.

If you need an outdoor foam cushion to combat your allergies, you can order custom-cut Dryfast Foam cushions from The Foam Factory. Dryfast Foam’s water-resistant properties also make it ideal for use in yacht cushions and mattresses if you enjoy sailing.