Is Ibogaine a Treatment for PTSD?

Ibogaine clinic in Mexico is registered to offer treatments for PTSD, depression, eating disorders, and substance abuse. Beond Ibogaine is a clinic that is operated by clinicians that are passionate about helping people to manage their PTSD. The clinic aims to assist its patients in safely administering Ibogaine in a setting that offers an alternative to conventional medication. Here the staff is committed to allowing patients to be involved in a holistic healing environment.

Ibogaine for opiate addiction and PTSD, depression, and eating disorders the use of Ibogaine is to give patients a chance to have the cravings suspended. This is done because using Ibogaine disrupts patterns and affords the person time to reset and together with meditation and talk therapy they can find a safe and lasting way to heal from their addictions, depression, or PSTD – post-traumatic stress disorder.

Alternative therapies for depression are found in countries such as New Zealand, Netherlands, Mexico, and Brazil where the use of Ibogaine as a registered medication is legal and widely used. This is a psychedelic drug and needs to be correctly administered by professionals to have the healing that is needed to overcome many issues such as depression, PTSD, or alcoholism. At Beond Ibogaine in Mexico, the team are clinically trained and offers a range of therapies to assist in the journey back to a healthy and clean lifestyle.

Ibogaine has been used safely for over 30 years and has shown positive results in treating PTSD, eating disorders, and substance abuse. The studies are still in their infancy but gaining momentum as more people are recovering and this root bark from West Africa is being accepted for its healing properties. For more info visit