New Cushions for a New Season in Your Life

There are lots of chores that should be done during the springtime or the fall. The weather is usually agreeable and everyone needs to get out of the house and get some exercise. This is a wonderful time to get new cushions for your outdoor furniture.

Don’t forget to clean the yard before beginning. Your kids could earn some extra cash by picking up all the debris like toys and trash that have been blown around the yard during the previous season.

Clean out your flower beds and get them ready for new plantings. Nothing says “springtime” like a freshly cleaned home and beautiful pink peonies and yellow daffodils growing around the front entrance. If it’s fall, then there are specific plants that you can use such as ranunculus, mums, crocus and Astor. If you’d like to plant a fall veggie garden, then try Swiss chard, squash and carrots.

Once you’re ready to get some new cushions for your outdoor furniture, take note of how many you will need to replace. Measure the size, including the depth of each cushion.

Your new cushions can be covered with new fabric as well if you are good at sewing. Check out The Foam Factory for all types of foam for your new cushions. They have every size. Unusual shapes and sizes are not a problem.