The Realistic Benefits of Using Ankle Weights

Written by: Nicholas Di Ruscio

For many people, using ankle weights during a jog actually enhances their workout. These additional pounds allow you to exert force more than usual, therefore increasing your overall endurance as well as helping with cardiovascular and pulmonary health. Here are some additional benefits that you’ll receive with the use of ankle weights.

Increased Caloric Burn

The more force that you apply, the more you’re essentially going to burn. This holds true when it comes to mass-building workouts. By adding additional weights to your ankles, you’re changing up what your body is accustomed to, and forcing it to adapt to the new challenge that you’re giving it. Ankle weights are also a great way to lose weight in the process, helping you burn more calories in less time.

Versatile Exercises

Adding ankle weights will increase the variety of exercises that you can perform. For example, stationary exercises like leg lifts or raises can be accentuated through the use of extra weight. This tends to shock your legs into growth and maximize the muscle growth. However, many fitness experts have stated that using ankle weights during jogging or walking can actually be harmful to your ligaments and joints.

The Bottom Line

Ankle weights are a useful addition to any workout. For one, you’re changing up your normal routine that your body is probably already accustomed to. And, you’re also challenging yourself while burning extra calories in the process. Start slowly and build your way up from there – and remember, always prioritize safety.