Sensual Styles Making Sexual Tips Work For You

Article written by Weightlos health and wellness

If you consider all the sexual tips you have listen to over the years they all can be placed in one of four sensory categories.

Most people prefer to experience the world through two primary senses over their other sense [1].

Your 4 primary senses are:

  • Look
  • Hear
  • Taste/Smell
  • Touch

When you and your partner understand what sensory preferences you each have, you can focus on the type of sexual invitation that will most likely get you going…or your partner going!

Do you know what turns-on your partner the most:

  • To hear your voice
  • Feel your touch
  • Smell your perfume
  • See your sexy lingerie

And vice versa – do you know what turns you on the most?

If your strongest sense differs than your partner you could be sending out all thewrong sexual invitations.

Obviously , this is NOT a good thing!

You see, we usual interact with others in the way we prefer to be responded to.

If you are familiar with the DiSC™© Personal Behavioral Assessment you will understand this basic idea.

For example, If you talk fast, and to the point – you most likely prefer to be spoken to in the same manner.

The same is true when you consider you sensual style.

If you prefer to be spoken to find that talking stimulates you chances are high that you talk a lot to your partner.

The trouble is what if your partner has a strong visual response and prefers touch?

If you and your partner have different sexual styles not all is lost!

It is just a manner of building a bridge in your sexual intimacy.

Make Sexual Tips Work For Your Partner!


Try to adjust your style to match that of your partners. Also choose sexual tips that work for your partner styles.

Of course, if your partner needs help – you give them a hint on a sexual tip that matches your sexual style.