The Reason Falling Shouldn’t Matter

Written by Heather Richards

We all make mistakes. But some of us get back up faster than others. So what makes one person more resilient than another? According to Dr. Eric Amidi, it comes down to a simple mindset that fosters happiness.

Do you often wonder why you made a mistake? Do you analyze your falls and even dwell on them? Although it’s normal and even healthy to learn from our mistakes, there’s a fine line between learning from the past and allowing it to paralyze you from taking any steps forward.

The first step to adopting this new mindset is to accept falls or setbacks as part of life. According to Dr. Eric Amidi, the fall itself is irrelevant. In other words, you can’t and shouldn’t avoid the fall. It’s going to happen. The second step is to learn how to fall. So instead of trying to avoid the fall, discover the best way to fall on your feet. He uses the example of the cat to illustrate his point. Cats fall often; but (as far as we know) they don’t dwell on why they fell or get depressed because of it. On the contrary, they’ve learned how to fall on their feet and go about their journey as if the fall didn’t even happen.

Dr. Eric Amidi reminds us that setbacks will occur. Instead of focusing on the setbacks, continue to focus on your goals and desires. Move forward. He adds, “No matter what happens in your life, always believe that that was the best thing that could have happened in your life.”