Types of Cosmetic Surgical Procedures for the Eyes

Eyelid lift surgery can actually help restore a youthful appearance to tired-looking aging eyes. Getting an eyelid lift is a procedure that can address sagging skin, wrinkles, reduce puffiness, and correct other signs of aging around the eyelids says Dr. Jan Zemplenyi.

Now, eyelid surgery actually encompasses a variety of different surgical methods. The techniques that a cosmetic surgeon at the Bel Red Center for Aesthetic Surgery uses will depend on your unique anatomical structure and your specific goals. You may be getting an upper eyelid lift, lower eyelid surgery, or even both.

Upper Eyelid Surgery

Do you feel like your eyes are always portraying a tired and saggy look. If you’re unhappy about this, a cosmetic surgeon can help remove the excess skin and restore a youthful shape to your eyelids and provide you with a more refreshed appearance to your eyes.

Lower Eyelid Surgery

If you’re the victim of puffy bags under your eyes that make you look like you haven’t slept well in weeks, it could be that there is herniated fat that has collected beneath the eyes. While this has become more pronounced over the years as skin loses elasticity, puffy lower eyelids can occur in people as young as their twenties, which cause them to look much older than they really are. Through the incisions, your cosmetic surgeon will remove or reposition any fat to create a natural contour beneath the eyelid. And, depending on your specific case, sagging skin can also be removed or the lower eyelid muscle can be tightened for the most natural and effective results.