What kind of mistakes during tooth filling count as dental malpractice?

One of the most common yet delicate dental procedures is filling. It is done when you have a cavity or hole inside your teeth. In this process, the dentist has to first remove your decayed tooth tissue by drilling a hole into it, and then they use filling material to fill up the hole and restore your tooth.

According to California dental malpractice attorney Dane Levy, every year, several patients fall victim to a faulty dental filling procedure. And Dane Levy believes that if the dentist makes a serious mistake during the procedure that causes additional damage or extreme pain to the patient, then it is definitely considered dental malpractice.

There are many ways dental malpractice can occur during the filling process, for example-

Drilling too deep into the teeth and causing irreparable damage to the healthy nerves.

Drilling into the wrong teeth.

Drilling into the gums can cause nerve damage and severe bleeding.

Using faulty filling material or in the wrong amount.

Not using anesthesia or using too much anesthesia in the process.

If any of the above has happened to you, then you should consult a dental malpractice lawyer to understand whether your case can qualify for a dental malpractice lawsuit. If yes, you can take the matter to court and fight alongside the lawyer to get your deserved recompensation. That is, only if your dentist doesn’t take responsibility for their mistake on their own and refuses to fix it for free or give a refund.

If you are in California, then you can contact Dane Levy, dentist negligence injury attorney. He has a history of successful cases related to a dental filling, and he might have the useful resources needed to help you win the case.